​Folks, this one will be a short post but I wanted to share with you this little tool a friend of mine stumbled upon and shared with me. This, in my opinion is a great tool making every one's life easier! 

So , if you are like me and you are using a separate WIFI Network for your "Guests", this one is for you my friends!!! Have you ever thought about an easier way to share your WIFI Network credentials with your family and friends? Especially if like me, you have some people in your entourage who are not too "Tech Savy"?!.... A way where you don't even have to give anyone your SSID and password? 

Well, here is a quick fix for you, a bar code generator which people can scan and automatically join your WIFI Network without you given them any information!

If you go to this site Pure JS WIFI QR Code Generator, you can create a bar code which will give your users/guests all the information they need to join your WIFI Network just by scanning this code! No clicking, no entering SSID or password, a simple scan is all it takes! Within less than a minute, you'll get your bar code, no registration, no need for an account, quick, simple and very efficient!

Like I said, this one was a very short one but I thought this tool was worth sharing... Let me know what you think!