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Training / Teaching Videos

IT is not what it was many years ago, I am talking before the evolution of the Internet as we know it today!  Back in the days, when you were bumping into a "serious" problem, well hope you had good contacts and/or friends with excellent knowledge or a good library!  Last resort there was always the company that made the appliance / software that could help but good luck it they were not 24/7!  Not all the problems happened on a Monday to Friday basis between 8pm to 4pm and that's if you were in the same time zone than your service provider! 

Time has changed, thanks for the Internet and all these forums, blogs, knowledgebase, online magazines, Companies Website etc. ​Another excellent source is videos! Over the years I have watched plenty of videos, some are of course way better than other. It actually helped me obtained my A+ and Network+ Certification believe it or not. In this post I thought about sharing my personal "best of" based on their content, accuracy, topics and popularity.

Professor Messer

Let's start with Professor Messer. You can find on his Website or YouTube Channel plenty of information and videos including CompTIA Certification, Network+, Security+ and some Linux and Microsoft Training videos. Professor Messer is also offering live session / Network Study Group event! Overall this is a great site where you can spend days learning and perfectioning you skills and knowledge. You can find Professor Messer by clicking the link down below:



Eli the Computer Guy

Eli the Computer Guy offers you a YouTube Channel with videos ranging from basic technical support to more complex topics like Servers, Active Directory, Proxy, Hacking etc. With over 700 000 subscribers and more than 53M views, it tells you how popular and knowledgeable this guy is! You can find his YouTube channel by clicking the link down below:


PowerCert Animated Videos

These are animated videos discussing and explaining different topics going from Port Forwarding to DNS to RAID etc.  They even have videos to prepare you for the A+ and Network+ Certifications.  These videos are extremely well done, explanations are clear and graphics which helps understand quicker if you're a visual person like me.  You can find their YouTube channel by clicking the link down below:



These are my Kudos, what I consider excellent and well done videos where people can actually learn things the easy way! This list will be updated if I discover other Sites / Channels worth mentioning. Do you agree with the list? Would you like to share with us some of your findings? Feel free do to so in the comments part under this article! Never know, your findings might end up in our article!



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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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