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Home Network - New Residence

Like I was saying in my previous post from February 2016, over the years after setting up many Networks, most Network Administrators build and organize their own personal Network differently from the general public. Either by doing it over the top (as seen by many end user) or by using specialized / commercial grade equipment which are not usually used by end users because of its complexity. Personally I would put myself in the category "over the top" but in my defence, this is now a hobby for me and this is how I stay current and up to date with my skills. I also use commercial grade equipment as I found that I had limited options, especially with configuration using the regular device / equipment sold in your local store like Staples or Best Buy.

Well, since my last post guess what? Yes, I had to move which means that I had to start all over again my design! I kept the same ethic and meticulous attention in setting up my new environment but I sold and replace some of my equipment which obviously impacted my setup.

As you will see on these pictures I also tried something new, I purchased a Leviton box which is installed inside the wall making the finish product look sharp and clean. Of course it caused me some headache as I needed to find a way to keep my options open in the event where I needed to add wires in or out of that box

After working long hours designing and thinking about how I would accomplish this task, I had the idea of using PVC pipes inside the wall connecting with my Leviton box. In the middle, in between the box and the attic I used a "T" junctions which let me the option of bringing the wires out to my patch panel! Overall this setup works great giving me the flexibility I wanted but also needed in case of expansion.

After wiring the garage and also part of the house, configuring the switches, servers, firewall etc. and keeping the cosmetic factor into consideration I am now almost done with my Network. I am sharing today the final result as no more major updates or changes are planned. As usual, this setup reflects the best of my knowledge, in no way I am claiming to be a "know it all" or an expert.

Most of my Servers/Devices/Appliances were purchased either through eBay or Kijiji. I wanted commercial grade appliances but since I was unable to afford brand new devices I found many good deals on the Internet. I am not saying I did not purchase anything new, but most of it was purchased used. There's really good deals out there trust me!

Down below you will find a few pictures of my Server Rack "H-Frame" type. I downgraded from a full 42U Server Cabinet because I decided to sell my rackmount servers (expensive to run, noisy and the cabinet was pretty bulky lol). I replaced most of my servers with 1 Dell Server running ESXi and a few VMs. My previous setup was extremely sharp and clean but I think I managed to accomplish something decent with the H-Frame. Since my garage was under construction, I decided to buy a Leviton box like I mentioned earlier and I added power at the bottom of it. 

In this box I installed my FTTH with my Bell Equipment, my phone line distribution panel and misc. equipment. The black and white wires are Cable Coax wires not currently used but available if ever needed. I simply tuck them inside one of the pipe. The bix panel you see on some of the pictures was used because some of the wires were pre-existing (it was done by the previous owner while the house was under construction) and needed to be extended. I wanted to have my patch panel at a certain location but these wires were too short. Extend network cables is not like adding an extension cord, it needs to be done a certain way. I also added a PVC pipe in the wall above the bix panel so I can add wires coming from the basement up to my Leviton box or even my patch panel. 

Enjoy and once again, feel free to ask question, comment or even share pictures of your setup as well! It is always interesting to see how other people are doing their "business" but also a good knowledge base when someone is looking for tips or even new ideas! Sharing is always a great way to learn!



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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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