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Best Free Software for your Workstation

I have been looking around for a while trying and testing different types of freeware (or free software) and I wanted to share with you the ones I chose. I am running Windows 7 therefore this list will be focusing on Microsoft Windows compatible products. End users often don't have the same means ($$$) than businesses therefore when you can find a freeware that does the job, why not!?

You all know that with the Internet the list and choices are almost infinite. This post is about sharing with you my list of freeware. As far as I know and to the best of my knowledge, these freeware are ad and spyware free. If you are aware of freeware on my list containing spyware, please let me know, I would appreciate that and I am sure that everyone will benefit for it.

Before you criticize some of my choices, I do understand that some of you may be using different software which is great! Feel free to comment below or let me know if you are using different freeware!

7zip Archiver - Archiver which supports many types of archive

Abode Acrobat Reader - The well known .pdf reader from Adobe

Bullzip PDF Printer - To print any types documents as a .pdf, this adds a local PDF printer 

CD BurnerXP - Lightweight CD/DVD Burning Program

DisplayFusion - The taskbar you need if you are using multi monitors

FreeFileSync - Great backup solution or simply to synchronize files between folders

Notepad++ - Powerful text editor, great for files like php, html, etc.

PuTTY - This one requires no installation, great SSH/Telnet client program

VLC - More versatile than Windows Media Player, VLC plays almost any types of videos

WinSCP - Great SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, SCP client, very useful

LibreOffice - The free version of the Office Suite (i.e.: Excel, Word, etc.)

Bleachbit - To keep your computer clean, a good alternative from CCleaner

Glary Utilities - Performance maximizer utilitiy and more

qBittorrent - Your free Torrent software

Bitdefender - Antivirus Program

Malwarebytes - Another option for your Antivirus

Sophos Home - Cybersecurity / Antivirus Software

*** Now, 3 special mentions for Websites I found useful and worth sharing:

Website #1:

This one is not a freeware itself but a Website I found by accident while watching some YouTube videos. I have to admit, it is pretty cool. Ninite Website lets you install and update all your program at once as long as they are supported / listed on the site. Pick the ones you want to install then download the installer, it's that easy!

Website #2: 

Start.me is a Website where you can configure your browser startup page. You can choose News Sites, Email, Weather etc. Talk about Productivity!

Website #3:

Have I been pwned? is a Website to test your email address to find out if you were the victim of a data breach. After entering your email address, the site can tell you if your email address was released in a data breach. There is also a link on the Website leading to 1Password.com where you can easily pick complex password - free 30 days trial . 



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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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