If you are like me, you like using your own device instead of the one provided by your Internet provider.  In my case my Internet provider is Bell Aliant and they provided me with this "high tech" Bell Home Hub 3000!  Do I need it, the answer is absolutely NOT!  Do I have the choice... Well most will say No, but here's the kicker: There's way to work things out!  Over the last few years I did some research and tried many types of configuration.  You will find a lot of scattered information regarding this topic, some posts from technical people, other posts from not so technical people if you know what I mean.  I am hoping to help you out a bit here with these 2 "best" alternatives I found (so far).

‚ÄčThe first one let you configure the Bell Home Hub 3000 in a way where you can use your own router/firewall with the Home Hub in a mode where your device will receive a Public IP address from the Hub.

The second one is to completely remove the Home Hub 3000 from your network and use your own device instead.  This option sounds great I have to admit but as far as I know, you WON'T be able to use the Bell Home Phone Service with this configuration (until the issue has not been resolved, if this is the case, let me know so I can update my post).

In my current situation, I decided to keep the Bell Home Hub 3000 as I was satisfied with the fact that my Firewall was receiving a Public IP from the Home Hub and I am not using Bell Home Phone.  I decided to go with IP Phone Service instead since the longue distance plans were cheaper for me. 

I had to tweak the configuration a bit as it was not working at first.  My Firewall had an option that automatically detect loss of connectivity to the default gateway.  This was done by sending ARP requests to the default gateway, in my case this option was activated and prevented my Firewall from receiving its Public IP from the Hub.  Once deactivated it worked right away. (see below)

First Configuration Option - Keeping the Home Hub

To accomplish that, read this PDF document published by Bell.  It explains all the steps one by one, it's short but effective.  It all worked for me, like I said earlier the only tricky part was to deactivate the loss of connectivity monitoring.  Feel free to download your copy of the document as well. 

Second Configuration - Removing the Home Hub completely

This configuration can by a bit more tricky but based on this Forum it seems to work well as long as your equipment can accept VLAN.  I read the entire thread and it contains really good information and details on how people managed to accomplish this.

If the Fibe comes straight to your home, you will need something like this (see below) which seemed to do the job quite well for minimal price.

If you have a Router or a switch that accepts GBIC or Fibe connection (see below), you won't need this converter.

If you vote to completely remove you Home Hub Router, you have many options i.e.: using the TP-Link type converter from Fiber to UTP, using the Fibe connected to your Router, using the Fibe connected to your Switch etc.

Although I have the TP-Link converter, I haven't tried this configuration yet but I am planning on it soon.  Like I mentioned earlier, I do not have the Bell phone service therefore it should not be an issue for me.

Let me know what you think, feel free to share your configuration is you found other way to accomplish this, I am always open and interested by the options out there.

Hoping that this post helped you solving some of your issues. 

***** UPDATE FROM DECEMBER 4th, 2019 *****

Since I wrote this article, a lot of things have changed in my setup. I am now happy to say that I am using Pfsense with my TP-Link converter completely bypassing the Home Hub 3000! My Internet and IPTV Services with Bell Aliant are working fine including apps like YouTube, Netflix and On Demand! Unfortunately my phone service is not working but like I mentioned earlier, I am using IP Phone therefore this does not impact me whatsoever.

If like me you would like to accomplish the same thing and ditch your HH3000, read this post!